Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TIAS and I started to see the light!

Let me start by giving you my best wishes, dear reader, and from the bottom of my heart, let it be  a peaceful year !

Day 3 of the TIAS 2015. It put me in a good mood right away! My resolutions: don’t talk nonsense, don’t show off on other people’s blogs, tat, re-tat, focus etc,.. I can’t guess right now. We’ll see what this becomes ! My yarn is a bit pale, a nice pistaccio colour in reality, but not good under the scan. I must choose a stronger color.  Hmmmm, here is my picture. The Aero shuttle is the first one I ever bought , right here in Flanders (no, we don’t live in a swamp), and it is still the one I use most. I must admit, however, that I am very fond of tatting shuttles decorated by La Cossette, which I often use as a second shuttle (here)

I learned tatting more than 30 years ago, and I was happy with what I did, back then. I thought I could tat. Obviously, I had 3 little books about tatting in Dutch, and I could make everything that was in there. Then life happened, and I lost interest in lace making.

Although my HB and I were interested in using computers and Internet right from the beginning, it never occurred to me to type the words 'Frivolité' or 'tatting' in Google.

But when I did so, one blessed day in 2013, I got some surprise! I did not see the  romantic lace that I expected, but a male goat!

This one:

                                          © Jane Eborall, 2012

Goodness, I can still smell him! I developed tatting angst! Needless to say, once this was over, I discovered a magnificent world full of pretty patterns and lovely colored thread ! What an incredible evolution this lace has made! I started learning furiously, but was handicapped by lack of time. It made me very happy to slowly learn new techniques, breaking fresh ground.

I learned from you all, dear bloggers, and I am very grateful for this. But I learned most from Jane’s TIAS. I started with the pram, which I could not do. I had never heard of split rings. So, I started learning in books, You Tube, blogs, courses. I tatted, un-tatted and re-tatted. And I finished last, just before the new TIAS!! Thank you , Jane for your encouragement! One day, she almost literally wrote: “shut up and tat”. That’s what made me do it! I was so proud of it, that I sent the pram on a card to my parents on my own birthday. They pushed a very similar one, after I was born!

                                             ©Design: Jane Eborall.Tatting: TallyTatty 2013

Last year, I participated in making the boat, but I was more interested in making rhymes and wrong guesses. I had an attack of prankyness, which hits to me from time to time. I finished in time, but I missed a ring right in the center. Not a stable boat, I’m afraid. And I have not had the courage to re-tat it.

                                         ©Design Jane Eborall. Tatting: Tally tatty


  1. The tat it and see is a great way of learning things, as well as good fun. My tatting experience mimics yours and I just love the way tatting has developed with the help of the internet.

  2. ... A pendulum for a pendulum clock? My story is very similar. Thank you for your blog, or I should say for your three blogs! You're doing a great work to contribute to further tatting :)

  3. Thank you, ladies, I am happy that I have had some time to tat and blog!

  4. Replies
    1. Hey, Fox, I did not make the goat, that was Jane's, of course! . I would love to make it, though, it is here:

  5. I like the goat too and two more would be for a children's book called "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" Do you know this story with the troll under the bridge?
    Well fun to see a bit of your tatting history too!

  6. Hello, Madtatter, I learned a new expression today: A Billy goat! That is so sweet. No, I don't know that story. I'll look it up at once!

  7. I am so glad you took up tatting again. That is what you get for envying the neighbour's goat, hehe. I hope you make a lot of enjoyable patterns.

  8. LOL!! What a nice expression! Thank you, Lavi! I completely missed this year 's TIAS, because my button was too large!