Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Re-inventing the little wheel

Re-inventing the little wheel

No, dear readers, my friendly computer man and myself have not yet figured out how to place patterns on this blog.
In the meantime, I made myself a promise to tat 100 poppy’s before November 2018, and place them on a wreath. Hence , I present you to poppy # 2 . This is the first time that I tat on a button.

Of course, I have seen  tatting on buttons before , like on Jane and Sally’s blogs here and here, but also on other blogs and on Pinterest. I know that Karen Bovard wrote  a booklet about how to. But I thought I did not need any help in any way. I thought I was clever enough to tat on a button all by myself.
I saw a flower on a button that I could not resist, on Rachel Colvin Jackson’s website: here , which I copied more or less without counting the stitches. The green leaf is from the Cariad tatted poppy, here .

The result is this:

Poppy on a button by Chantal Alenus
©flower: Rachel Calvin Jackson
©leaf: Cariad tatting

I attached the leaf to the flower, but I was not satisfied. There was something wrong with it. After turning the button over and over, I realized that the button was facing the wrong side. Or the tatting was. Ok, I have heard of front-side and backside tatting before, but it never bothered me! I grabbed Judi Banashek’s book Impeccable Tatting, and looked at page 17, and I understood.
No, for the time being , I don’t want the knots on my chains and those on my rings to face the same direction. But I want my buttons and my double knots on my rings to face the same direction!!
I realize now, that when I have a button in my hand and a picot ready to insert in it, I have to turn the button, so that it faces away from me.
Lesson learned.


  1. I have tatted a lot of snow flakes on buttons, and I know what you mean about getting the button to face the correct way. This poppy directly tatted on the button is a great idea! and this is simply beautiful and I will make this one too and then I will have 3 I want to tat all the different kinds, and like your wreath idea!

  2. Tally, I hadn't noticed that the button was on the wrong side - it all looked so good together !

    Love this poppy, too & I think the wreath of poppies is a Wonderful idea ! Will be looking forward to your progress, and a lot more poppy patterns :-)

    I've never tatted on a button before; maybe I should start with this one .

  3. Thank you, ladies, off course, the button should be an asymmetrical one, with 2 different sides!